Legal Marriages and Handfasts

The Temple of The Green Cauldron is authorized by the Province of British Columbia through our parent organization the Congregationalist Wiccan Association of British Columbia, to perform legal marriages. Temple marriages and handfastings are religious ceremonies in the Wiccan faith, and are performed by ordained Clergy.

The Temple of The Green Cauldron supports the right of all loving couples to be legally wed, in accordance with the laws of Canada, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. 

Please book well in advance and request additional information from There is no fee charged for handfastings, but a minimum donation of $50 is encouraged. Travel expenses from Nanaimo and return are the responsibility of the couple.

The CWABC on Polyamorous Marriage

The CWABC, as a Wiccan religious organization, supports as an article of faith, as stated in the Charge of the Goddess, that “all acts of love and pleasure” are the Goddess’ rituals.

To us this means that any form of love or sexuality that is non-abusive, and non-coercive, between consenting adults, is acceptable and even desirable.  This includes, but is not limited to, relationships that are heterosexual or homosexual, relationships that are monogamous or polyamorous, and relationships that are alternative or conventional.

Our clergy can, and will, perform any kind of Pagan-oriented or Pagan-multifaith marriage ceremony within the bounds of the law.  However, the law currently forbids legally recognized clergy from presiding over any ceremony that bears any sort of resemblance to a wedding between more than two partners.  For this reason, and only this reason, our religious representatives, as recognized by the Province of British Columbia, cannot perform polyamorous handfastings, or even handfastings between two people when one of the parties involved is still legally married to someone else.

If we are approached to perform such a ceremony, we will refer the interested parties to clergy within our Church, or to qualified individuals within the Pagan community, who do not have legal marrying credentials from the Province of British Columbia.

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